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If you’re looking for a break but don’t want to break the bank, Australia has so much to offer, and much of it can start with a Queensland travel adventure. Escape from the daily grind and give yourself a well deserved change of scenery in our own backyard.

You needn’t make it merely a few days of baking under the sun; instead, make the most of some of the country’s most pristine coastal spots with snorkeling and scuba diving, or amp up the adrenaline with something else. What would a quick Queensland travel getaway do for you?

Adventure on Queensland’s White Water

Looking for an exciting activity that’ll knock your socks off? Be sure to put whitewater rafting at the top of your Queensland travel to-do list.

Helped by experienced instructors there with you every step of the way, you’ll be feeling the full force of mother nature and negotiating the rapids like a pro in no time. Take to the relatively gentle Barron River or opt for the more extreme grade 3 and 4 rapids on the Tully River. Tour operators will even pick you up and drop you off from your accommodation in Cairns, Mission Beach or the Northern Beaches!

As always, check your travel insurance policy before braving the waters, so you can be confident you’re covered for the level of adventure you choose. Most policies will cover guided or group whitewater rafting but if you’re keen to go deeper downstream solo, read through that PDS or call your insurer to make sure your rafting grade is covered.

No one wants to be up the river without a paddle, especially when the whole point of rafting is to hold on tight!

Underwater Explorer

Queensland is home to some of the world’s most captivating marine life, but a journey under the sea doesn’t have to break the bank at all. All you really need is a snorkel, some fins and maybe an underwater camera to capture the colourful coral and myriad species of fish, as well as turtles, dolphins, stingrays, and even the odd shark that you might encounter.

If there’s one watery wonderland that should definitely be on the Queensland travel itinerary for every person on this planet of ours, it’s the Great Barrier Reef.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, and so big that it’s visible from space, the world-famous Great Barrier Reef is a non-negotiable item on your Queensland travel list.

Over 3000km long and up to 65km wide, the Great Barrier Reef boasts the world’s largest collection of different types of coral, over 1500 unique tropical fish species, 200 types of birds and 20 species of interesting reptiles!

In fact, there is opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef in so many ways. If submerging yourself isn’t your jam, glass bottom boat tours are popular, especially for those with limited mobility or travelling with young children. If you’re more than happy to get your feet wet, a snorkeling experience will delight, but to take in the full beauty and wonder, it’s worth investing in a scuba diving course.

Hit the water with the right instructor and you shouldn’t have a problem being covered at all, helping you to tick off this breathtaking spot of wonder off your bucket list once and for all.

Overland Adventures

Queensland is home to breathtaking majesty beneath the water, but up top, prepare to be impressed by some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, bush trails, and rainforests, many of which you can explore on horseback.

It’s impossible not to feel relaxed and invigorated while galloping in the outskirts of the ocean or spotting koalas and wallabies in native bushland along the way. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family, from long time horse lovers all the way to riding novices.

For those that prefer to travel by their own hoof, treks and tours through the amazing Daintree Rainforest offer nature loving individuals and families alike the chance to experience the beauty and complexity of the world’s oldest rainforest, right here in our own backyard! Take the scenic route and book a guided ’river drift’ cruise, with a handy tour guide pointing out flora and fauna of interest or pack your snorkel and go for a swim in Cooper Creek or the Daintree River itself!

Happy Camping

After exploring the brilliant wilderness that is Queensland’s backyard, you might feel inclined to spend some extended time taking it in, so consider pitching a tent, sitting back, and letting the sounds, smells, and sights of the ’Strayan outback overtake your senses.

And if you haven’t worked out the ideal place to indulge, consider some of the hidden stops for camping, such as the Scenic Rim on the outskirts of Brisbane, serving up the bush in a locale not far from the city, with places to camp or chill in a cottage, or even head out on a rainforest retreat.

Turn those phones and tablets off for the occasion, too, and you’ll find nature’s most rewarding soundtrack of babbling creeks and a wilderness that talks, while the air keeps you calm. From Bigriggen to Boonah to Lake Moogerah and Tamborine Mountain, there’s plenty to do, see, and relax at when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

A Segue To A Segway

Back home in the city, why not make the most of your precious time during your Queensland travel adventure and ditch the confusing maps with a guided segway tour instead?

Not sure what a Segway is? You’ve probably seen them before, and these stand-up people movers were once seen as what cities would be built around. That didn’t happen, but you can still embrace this unique method of movement by exploring Brisbane, Cairns, and the Whitsundays to name but a few, all while standing and experiencing a forgotten future of transport.

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