Wherever you go, don’t forget to pack a Good2Go Travel Insurance policy to cover you for:

Trip Cancellation

Medical Expense Coverage

Baggage Loss & Damage

24/7 Assistance

And more!

Obtain Country Risk Assessment

Certain countries may have risks you aren’t aware of. Check the Smart Traveller website before you plan your trip.

Learn Local Laws and Customs

Remember to obey the laws and customs in the country to which you are travelling. This includes adherence to certain dress codes, photography restrictions, communication restrictions, curfews and more.

Safeguard Travel Documents

Make copies of visas, passports and your driver’s licence. Leave a copy with a trusted person back home and take a copy with you. That way, if you should lose any of the above, the Australian Embassy in the country in which you are staying can more easily assist you with replacement.

Notify Someone of your Whereabouts

Whether you choose to wander alone or travel with someone, it’s always a good idea to let someone at home know where you’re going, your contact information and when you’ll be back.

Keep your Passport on your Person

Each year 300,000 passports are lost or stolen (1). Avoid become a statistic and travel with your passport on your person.

Pack a Travel Insurance Policy

A travel insurance policy, such as Good2Go Travel Insurance, with 24/7 assistance services can assist you if you’ve been affected by identity theft while travelling, interact with law enforcement on your behalf, assist with passport replacement, roadside assistance, hotel and flight re-booking and more.

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