Quick Travel Safety Tips

Key Principles for Staying Safe When Travelling

Be situationally aware

Know what is happening around you, know what is and isn’t normal and if you do not feel comfortable in the area -- get away.

Be confident and assured

People that look confident are less likely to be hassled and are less likely to be the victims of crime.

Adopt a low profile

Don’t stand out with flashy jewellery or clothing.

Don’t be predictable

Avoid patterns and go different routes, using different methods of travel at different times throughout your trip.


Maintain a way to speak to friends, call for help, ask for assistance.

Have an effective response, in case something happens

Be prepared to know where you would go, who you would call and what are your emergency contacts.

Situational Awareness: "See Something, Say Something"

A key aspect of being prepared to respond to an incident from a personal perspective is situational awareness:

  • Situational Awareness is a natural state that allows a person to identify a change in environment.
  • Pay attention to surroundings and what is happening around you.
  • Use all of the senses in relation to the environment -- What can you see? What noises can you hear? What can you smell? Is anything different?
  • Being aware is not being paranoid -- "See something, say something!"
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