Which Cities Are the World’s Safest?

There’s a seemingly endless array of holiday spots to choose from, whether you’re looking to spend time relaxing on the beach or exploring the ancient ruins of a historic city.

One of the most important factors to ensure you choose the best location is how safe it is. From students to solo explorers and families, all travellers should make safety a priority when deciding on where to venture to next. To help The Safest Cities Index is released every year.

Next time you’re planning a holiday, consider a trip to one of these more secure locations.

New York, U.S.

Surprisingly, New York was the only major U.S. city to make the list of the safest destinations.

According to a recent report, there are currently around 8.4 million people swarming the bustling metropolis. New Yorkers can rest assured that health and digital security in the area will keep them out of harm’s way, as both were rated highly on the 2015 index.

On top of its high-end security, the city that never sleeps has also seen a major decrease in the number of homicides over the past few years. These significant improvements have earned New York a spot in the top ten on the list.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Young travellers have flocked to Amsterdam for years to experience its laid-back atmosphere and one-of-a-kind activities.

Recently this city has proven that not only can it show its guests a good time, but can do so safely, ranking within the top five of the world’s safest cities.

If that’s not enough, Amsterdam was also named as one of the best places to live and 11th in Mercer’s Quality of Living index in 2014, according to CNBC. Travellers can now explore attractions such as the Anne Frank Museum, while taking in the picturesque side streets with greater peace of mind.

Tokyo, Japan

Travellers planning to make the trip to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics will be pleased to know they’ll be in good hands. Of all the cities located across the globe, Tokyo currently poses the smallest threat to its residents and travellers.

Many were shocked to find the world’s most populated city -- currently home to 38 million people -- ranked as the safest.

Tokyo’s infrastructure makes for one of the primary reasons, while both personal and digital safety are some of the best in the world, too. Tokyo is conveniently one of the most frequently visited destinations, making it highly policed, as well.

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