Top 5 Travel Tips For Women

Whether you are a novice or seasoned traveller, these tips can help make your trip safe and more enjoyable.



Research your destination’s local laws and customs

In some countries, customs based on religious and moral beliefs strongly influence the way women dress, and you may choose to pack accordingly to comply with local dress codes.

Act confident

Know where you are going and what you are doing. Consult a map before walking around instead of looking at a phone or map in the middle of the sidewalk. Confidence can be a major deterrent of unwanted attention and harassment.


Be aware after dark

Avoid walking alone on unlit streets and in deserted areas after dark. Take a taxi wherever you go and be dropped at the hotel or destination entrance.

Be alert during transit

Make a fake (or real) phone call to pretend someone is waiting for you if you are travelling alone in a taxi or walking back to the hotel. While you are in a taxi, track the destination on your smartphone map, so you can tell if the driver is going off route.


Wear your handbag cross­body

Travel with a handbag that has an inner zippered pocket to safeguard travel documents and wallet. Preferably, wear the strap cross­body to make the bag more difficult for thieves to steal.

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