Nepal Trek For Rights

Arriving in Nepal, Day 1

Day 1 and already some unexpected surprises... I was delayed out of Melbourne, missed my connecting flight and had to have an overnight stay in Guangzhou, China, but that’s all part of the adventure that is travel!

After receiving my 4am wakeup call (I had about three hours sleep!) I was off to the airport to catch my 8:15am flight to Kathmandu. At the airport I met a lot of chatty Americans embarking on the Everest base camp trek and we exchanged trekking tips and tricks. Some of the best travel tips you can get are directly from other travellers. Then it was time to embark on the 5 hour flight to Kathmandu!

Touch down at Kathmandu airport!! I collected my bags and made my way past the immense crowds to find the person sent to greet me. After a couple of minutes of looking blankly at a crowd of people holding up various signs, I finally found the ’Inspired Adventures’ sign and I was on my way to Hotel Manaslu.

The 'enter at your own risk' driving mentality, or as I like to call it ’organised chaos’ isn’t new to me so I was too stressed on the drive and I made it to Hotel Manaslu around 1pm. I freshened up and jumped into a cab to meet the rest of my trekking group and managed to luckily get there in time to catch the last stop of our Kathmandu group city tour.

Exploring the local sights

Boudhanath Stupa was the main sight for the day. The area was bustling with people and the temple is purely amazing. It is the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. It is definitely a must see if you’re lucky enough to one day have an adventure in Nepal!

After a good amount of walking around and just embracing the views of the Stupa it was time to meet up again with the rest of the team and head back to the hotel to relax and prepare for our first team dinner.

An amazing adventure

I enjoyed a traditional Nepalese dinner and cultural show at the Wellness Organic Club. The meal was a great mix of lentils, rice and spices. After the meal, the dreaded jet lag started to kick in for most of us so we all wandered back to the hotel to pack for our flight to Pokhara the next day!

Whilst my first couple of days of this amazing adventure had some little surprises for me I still feel so privileged to be part of #TrekForRights2018. I know the funds raised for UN Women are going to help so many women and girls in this region to have a safe and brighter future!

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