How To Be A Considerate Airport Traveller

Every traveller who has ever boarded a plane knows that there are several annoying habits that can really drive other passengers crazy.

Whether it’s the passenger in front of you with their seat all the way back for the entire trip, or the one sitting next to you blasting their music as if no one else can hear it, there’s always someone that aggravates surrounding passengers.

Don’t be that traveller! Instead, be self-aware and follow these travel tips to be a more considerate plane passenger.

When Boarding

When the attendant makes the announcement that it’s time to board the plane, there’s no need to jump up and run to the door. As long as you’re in your departure gate’s general area and you have your ticket, you won’t be left behind.

Many travellers like to gather around the gate before the boarding process has even begun, but it’s important you don’t block the gate when you’re in one of the last sections to be called.

Although you may be eager to get to your destination, try to relax and wait until the proper time to get in line. This will make the process much easier, not only for you, but for the flight attendants and all of your fellow flyers.

When it comes to particularly crowded planes, try to keep in mind that overhead storage is usually overflowing by the time the last passengers have boarded. If you have a small suitcase and a backpack, leave the backpack on hand and store it under your seat to open up that space for someone who hasn’t stored their luggage yet.

While in the air

Although all travellers seem to have their own opinions on the matter, it can really inconvenience the passenger directly behind you if you put your seat back too far, preventing them from having proper leg room or the space to put down their tray table.

Of course, during overnight flights while most passengers are sleeping, this is more acceptable. If you do put your seat back, it’s always nice to let the person behind you know beforehand to avoid hitting their legs or knocking over anything on their tray table.

Germs are a major issue on planes, as they can spread all too easily. Be aware of the fact that you’re seated extremely close to other passengers, especially if you’re in a middle seat.

If you’re sick and know you’re going to be sneezing a lot, keep a pack of tissues on hand so you’re not getting everyone around you sick. However, if you are really unwell and there’s a risk of passing your sickness onto others, it may be best postponing a trip.

It may well be an inconvenience, but travelling is for the healthy - if you embark on a journey with a bad cough, you’ll most likely fall more ill and get everyone around you sick in the process.

When Landing

Landing after a long flight can be a nightmare if you’re impatient and aggressive. Try to stay as relaxed as possible and wait for those in front of you to file out.

While this can be difficult at times, especially when everyone around you is racing to exit the plane, being as courteous as possible will end up making your experience more pleasant, too.

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