Dive Into The World's Deepest Pool

The Y-40 Deep Joy recently opened in Italy and was designated the deepest pool in the world by the Guinness Book of Records just over a year ago in June 2015.

The Hotel Millepini is home to the diver’s sanctuary, where swimmers can plunge 138 feet into the dark blue waters, which is deep enough to cover a 13-story building.

A special ceremony attended by Italian world free-diving champions Umberto Pelizzari and Ilaria Molinari served as the inauguration for the uniquely fathomless pool, with the two wearing suits that mimicked the tails of mermaids as they dove into the deep waters.

The astounding features of Italy’s Deep Joy

The record-breaking pool was created and designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, who wanted "to build the best swimming pool in the world," according to Yahoo Travel.

Free divers, scuba diving fanatics and aquatic athletes with the lung capacity to stay underwater for several minutes have already begun to flock to the new pool, and for good reason: one of the main advantages of Deep Joy for divers is that they don’t have to wear the usual wetsuits that are required in the ocean or lakes.

To make this possible, the Y-40 Deep Joy pool is filled with 1.1 million gallons of thermal water from local springs, kept within a cozy range of 32 to 34 degrees Celsius.

For all of the travellers who would rather watch people dive, there are tunnels 16 feet under the water where they can view their fellow adventure travellers make the aquatic journey. Guests can watch as scientists explore the murky depths as well, as the pool is also used for a great deal of scientific research.

Boaretto and the other architects behind the pool’s design have high hopes for the future of Deep Joy, with the possibility that it will turn Montegrotto Terme into a renowned diving center used by experts across the world, making Italy an increasingly popular destination for European travel.

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