Travellers who enjoy the outdoors and want to save a few dollars on their trip should try backpacking around their desired destinations.

Not only is it an exciting way to see the world, backpacking also allows people the freedom to explore several destinations on one journey without the hassles of carrying a suitcase around and finding a room at hotels.

If you’re planning on a backpacking excursion for your next holiday, you will need a few tools to ensure your safety and comfort. Here are a few travel gadgets that were designed specifically for adventure travel enthusiasts.

Door alarm

It’s common for backpackers to stay at a nearby hostel because there are usually rooms available for last-minute stays that tend to cost a fraction of hotel rates. However, hostels aren’t always as safe as hotels and require guests be conscious of where they place their valuables.

Solo backpackers in particular should make their safety their main priority. Snagging a private room isn’t always possible since you’re usually sharing with other travellers, but a door alarm can save you from worrying about potential thieves as you sleep.

Lightweight door alarms are available that sound off if an intruder attempts to enter. Simply place one in front of your door before you go to bed for some peace of mind.

Portable Shower

If you’re travelling to destinations that tend to be on the warmer side, camping out at night is an adventurous way to get some sleep before your next journey.

Keeping yourself clean and ready for a new day has never been easier with a portable shower, and the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is one such gadget.

Consisting of a cylinder-shaped bag attached to a hose and foot pump, you simply place the bag on the ground after filling it with water and then use the innovative device for a five minute shower or to hose off any dirty gear or laundry.

The Helio is said to offer great water pressure, so you don’t have to worry about trying to wash yourself with a trickling stream of water. You can even place it in the sun if you prefer warm showers.

Backpacking hammock

Another gadget you will need if you plan on sleeping under the stars is a backpacking hammock. These can be hung from trees just like a regular hammock to keep you off the hard ground.

What makes these even better than a standard hammock is that they come completely enclosed, making them more like a swinging tent.

Some backpacking hammocks are extremely lightweight and can be easily folded and tucked into a bag after use. To enhance your sleeping arrangement even further, there are travel pillows that are also designed to fit into an overstuffed bag whilst offering the head support and comfort of a normal pillow.

iPhone camera case

There’s no better way to make your trip memorable than by capturing it with pictures. If you have an iPhone, recording all of the special moments of your experience is incredibly convenient with the Hitcase Pro, a durable, waterproof case for your iPhone with an action camera built in, according to

Not only does it offer extra protection for your phone, but it comes with a wide-angle lens and a mounting system so you can clip it onto your bag or jacket as you walk through your favourite city.

Going on a bike tour? Attach the iPhone camera case to your helmet and record all of the attractions you’re introduced to.

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