Four Ways Your Smartphones Can Enhance Your Travel Experience

Smartphones are an extremely common device nowadays, with dependable access to the Internet and an extensive variety of apps that make day-to-day living easier and more convenient. When it comes to travelling, these apps can be greatly beneficial, turning once time-consuming tasks into a matter of simply tapping the phone’s screen.

Here are four aspects of a smartphone that travellers should be sure to take advantage of when on their journeys.

Forget about carrying your credit cards around

Apps such as Uber make it easy to find quick transportation and can be a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten or misplaced your wallet, as they allow you to program your credit card information safely into the app.

New iPhones feature Apple Pay while some Android phones feature Android Pay, allowing users to sync credit cards to their phone and even pay by tapping their screen. This not only allows you to leave your wallet at home or in your hotel safe, but it also prevents you from having to give your credit card information directly to stores.

Stay healthy

One of the more difficult challenges for frequent travellers is exercising and staying healthy. Smartphones help make this easy and convenient with several apps available for keeping track of any daily progress.

Some of these include apps that calculate the number of steps you’ve taken each day in line with your heart rate, while other health apps serve as a place for users to store all of their health and fitness information, and monitor things like sleep activity.

Never get lost

Be sure to take advantage of Google Maps and other navigation apps, as these offer a mostly foolproof way to prevent you from wasting time wandering around aimlessly when you could be checking out the location’s hottest tourist attractions.

Try downloading any maps you need directly onto your phone through Google Maps’ offline mode so that you don’t need access to the internet as you navigate your way around your destination.

Connect faster

One of the biggest advantages with smartphones is that they allow travellers opportunities to connect with people who they otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate with.

You can keep people up to date on your exciting daily activities by sending out photos of your holiday without having to wait until you’re home to show them off.

When you have access to WiFi, apps such as Siri and Google Translate can be a lifesaver in foreign countries.

Out on business travel? File sharing with apps like Dropbox are important when there’s work that needs to be done with colleagues in other states or countries.

Meanwhile, apps like Viber and WhatsApp allow travellers to call and text friends or family in other countries free of charge on WiFi.

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